It is one of the most attractive tourist spots not only of Himachal Pradesh but of international fame also. It is the real starting point of an ancient trade route which crosses the Rohtang pass and Baralacha passes and runs via Lahaul and Ladakh top Kashmir while divergent road connects it with Spiti. It is situated at a distance of 45 km from Kullu and  247.3 km from Shimla.

Tourist places around Manali:-

  • Rohtang pass:- Numerous mountain passes lead-in and out of Kullu,  but one of the most popular with trekking parties is the Rohtang, about 3978 m above sea level. It is easily the most convenient route from Manali and throughout the whole distance provides a charming variety of scenery. The length of the pass is about 1 km and has served as the route for many centuries for trade with Lahaul, Ladakh and too far away countries in central Asia. The road from Manali to Keylong passes over this pass which is 51 km and the vest of the Rohtang pass affords a wide panorama of mountain scenery.

  • Naggar Castle:- Naggar is 21  km from Manali. Naggar was the capital of the Kullu Rajas for about 1400 years. It is also known for its castle and the Nicholas Roerich’s Museum. It is situated on the left bank of the river Beas. There are a large number of famous temples in and around Naggar and an excellent place for a longer stay.

  • Hidimba Devi Temple:-Hidimba Devi Temple was also known as Hadimba Devi Temple is located in Manali. It is an ancient cave temple surrounded by Cedar trees all around giving it a natural look. Built-in 1553 by Maharaja Bahadur Singh, Hadimba temple is a four-storied wooden structure with a tower peaking up to 24 metres high. The three tiers of its square roofs are covered with timber tiles and the conical apex is embellished with a metal cladding. The mud walls are covered with stonework. The wooden doorway is ornamented with very elaborate carvings that depict goddesses, animals, foliate designs, dancers, scenes from Lord Krishna’s life and Navagrahas.

  • Manikaran Sahib:-Manikaran Sahib is famous for its Gurudwara and nearby there is a Lord Shiv Temple. It is also famous for hot water springs present there. It is 81.4 km from Manali and 40 km from Kullu. Manikaran is situated at an altitude of 1829 m above sea level and is surrounded by Parvati Valley. Rocks surrounding the spring are uncomfortably hot, while the temperature of the water is above boiling point. Rice can be cooked if placed in a muslin bag or tied up in cloth and thrown into a hot water pool. The langar of the gurudwara is prepared by this hot spring. It is supposed to beneficial for the person suffering from rheumatism and similar ailments. Due to Raghunathji and Gurudwara, Manikaran is a favourite resort of pilgrims for Hindu and Sikhs.

  • Solang Valley:-This valley is situated about 13 km from Manali. It is a splendid valley between Manali and Kothi and offers the views of glaciers and snow capped mountains and peaks. The nearest glacier from Manali is in this valley. Good skiing slopes are also available here which are famous for summer skiing.

  • Great Himalayan National Park:-The National Park with an area of 754  sq. km is located in Kullu district and has the representative area of temperate and alpine forests of Himachal Pradesh. It has some of the virgin coniferous forests of the state. The vast area of alpine pasture and glaciers cap this park. This area has many important wildlife species of Western Himalayas

  • Bijli Mahadev Temple:-This is one of the most striking temples in Kullu-Manali, where 20 m tall image is supposed to attract special blessings from the skies in the shape of lightning. From the temple, a panoramic view of Kullu and Parvati valleys can be seen.

  • Other Places:-Pulga and Kheerganga hot water springs, Katrina for Apple, Orchards, Jagat Sukh, Arjun Gufa, Nehru Kund, Vasisht Temple, Manali Bazaar, Manali Picnic Spot, Museum of Himachal Culture & Folk Art,  Himalaya Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple, etc.